Coffered ceiling – Home remodeling

What is it?

Accordingly to Wikipedia, Coffered ceiling is “a series of sunken panels in the shape of a square, rectangle, or octagon in a ceiling, soffit or vault.

[1] A series of these sunken panels were used as decoration for a ceiling or a vault.”

Very good content about Coffered Ceiling here.


It can be used as a decoration motif by bringing sophistication to a plain room. It reflects the class of the royal palaces by building decoration, creating a very elegant scenario. This is not recommended for low ceilings due to the decreasing the ceiling height.


It is a low-cost ornament, only wood and crown molding are applied to the ceiling creating the shape design. Rectangles and geometrical forms are mostly used.

The cost will be very low, in comparison to the increasing value of your property.

Project in Westport – CT

See some pictures of a recent work in Westport – CT. Our customer had a room with a height ceiling and decided to create a great atmosphere for a large and empty room.

The frame

Coffered framing 1Coffered framing 2
First place the structure. Then start building the frame structure to support the boards and moldings. It is especially relevant to keep the alignment of the framing to have the perfect match of boxes and moldings. A misalignment will show imperfections because it’s difficult to cover up at the painting step.

 Appling board and molding

Coffered finish 1 Coffered finish 2 Coffered finish 3 Coffered finish 4

Secondly, apply the board and molding over the frame making the box. This step follows the approval of a “mockup.” Once approved start applying the moldings, gluing and nailing.


Primer coat and painting

Coffered painting

Lastly, the coffered ceiling is ready to receive the painting job.


Finished and cleaned

Coffered ceiling


Coffered ceiling and panel

Finally, the painting and cleaning job has revealed a classic and sophisticated room. As a result, both the panel and ceiling worked together developing a character for this room.

In conclusion, the new dining room now claims for hosting the most refined and superb dinners.