Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Wanting to design a kitchen, but don’t know where to start from? We’ll be your portal to a helping hand. We can find inspiration from some of the best designers’ for kitchen ideas. One location where design ideas flourish is Pinterest which provides us with plenty of inspirational.

If you have a small space, you would want to put every inch to use. The areas in which space is at a premium like Stamford in Connecticut call for innovative thinking to maximize the square foot count.

A home functional space

Customized interiors Kitchen Cabinets

 The kitchen is a functional piece of space and it should look beautiful.

While each individual has personal preference and taste, there are restrictions based on the area one lives in. All materials may not be available in each city and the rates may vary.

The first thing to do would be to draw a budget. How much do you plan to shell out for the remodeling? Which design elements are more important to you? Is there any specific section you would want to focus on?


Some ideas

  1. Mirror in the kitchen?  Think of adding a cooktop with mirror finish and minimalist cabinets that streamline the design and also complete the look by pulling light into the room.
  2. Most of the time a tiny kitchen may lack a large counter top. So, how do you manage? Use a big piece of white marble top with the bottom of the island open to keep the space functional and yet make it with minimal space.
  3. Another idea would be to use a movable seat for your kitchen table. This way, when you need room for food preparation, you can roll the seats away.
  4. All homes don’t come in square or rectangular shapes. If your kitchen is located at an angle to the rest of the house, use a combination of wood, metal, and concrete to create a nautical look. A white painted ceiling with Harbor lights from Urban Archaeology will cast a glow over your kitchen island.
    1. This should be continuity and the design should be homogeneous. Though you may use a mix of colors or just one single shade of  white the eye shouldn’t stutter when moving in a sStamford Rustic Barn Doormall space. The eye should move from one object to another freely.
  5. For those of us living in the countryside, you may want to retain some of that countryside charm. If you have a stable left unused turn it into a kitchen with some modifications that includes both modern and farmhouse styles. Woodwork is not only elegant but also charming.
  6. If you are bent on using artistic aspects, transform the kitchen with some painting on the ceiling.
  7. Another idea is using Bricks, salvaged wood, and raw steel can give your kitchen a sturdy, industrial look.
  8. Lastly, take inspiration from an old yacht. There is a lot you can incorporate in your kitchen space just like designer Gary McBournie did.

Hiring pros

Finally, for better results it’d be smart to bring your idea to a designer and a constructional professional. They will cooperate  to materialize your ideal space and needs into a real and functional kitchen. However, this is an investment for yourself. This is where will spend a great amount of time in this new creation. Make it worth.