custom carpentry experience

With 10 years of custom carpentry experience, founder Wilson Primo is an expertly trained master craftsmen. Wilson began his career fabricating custom built-in cabinetry for ultra high-end homes in Fairfield County, CT. A native of Brazil, Wilson’s “honesty above all else” attitude is valued most by his loyal customers.

From custom cabinets to built-ins, crown molding and intricate custom trim on both residential and commercial properties, Wilson and his expert team have the experience. The expansion of PRIMO carpentry is largely thanks to the staff and crew that Wilson personally trains.

As a result, the exceptional work of PRIMO Carpentry was recognized in the July/August edition of “East Coast Home + Design” View Full Edition .

“I trust him implicitly.”


I recommend Primo Carpentry for any construction or renovation project.  In the last 5 years, Wilson Primo has done many jobs for me, all expertly.  They include: reconfiguring a kitchen (which required making several new cabinets and trim to match the existing cabinetry); re-finishing a basement with custom cabinetry; installing a hardwood floor; installing ceiling moldings and baseboards; building a closet with a pocket door; building a drop ceiling for recessed lighting; extending custom bookshelves; and recessing medicine cabinets.  Additionally, he has made himself or his men available for numerous smaller jobs and repairs when needed (most recently, replacing a door sill for me on an emergency basis, and preventing a one-week delay in a masonry project that was already underway).  In summary, Wilson is an excellent carpenter, listener, and problem-solver.  Perhaps the highest recommendation I can give Wilson is that I recently bought an apartment that needs renovation only because I knew that Wilson was available to do the job.  I trust him implicitly.

“Very creative problem solver, flexible, and customer-focused.”


Wilson Primo has worked for me for over 7 years.  The many jobs Wilson has done for me include renovating the outside of my 80-year old shingled home, adding custom details that greatly improved its appearance and value, and fabricating and installing new custom outdoor fencing (which Wilson made using better wood, and for a better price, than ready-made stock fencing).

My father was a carpenter for over 40 years, so I believe my standards are high, and Wilson has never disappointed.  He is a very creative problem solver, flexible, and customer-focused.  Don’t let his youthful looks fool you:  Wilson has been working since he was 14 years old.  Wilson has the experience, skill, and work ethic that are hard to find these days.  He consistently delivers excellent work at a reasonable price.