Carpentry in Danbury Connecticut

We proudly serve high-quality home remodeling services in the Danbury area. We deliver efficient and quality home and commercial carpentry services for the most demanding taste. The city of Danbury is located in the Fairfield county coming among the 7th most populated cities in Connecticut just behind Norwalk. Danbury’s population reached 83.684 in the 2013 census. The city’s origin comes from early settlers from Danbury, Essex – England UK circa 1685. The city, also known as the Hat city because at one point produced almost 25% of America’s hats by 1904. In addition the urban area is home to a university called Western Connecticut State University, a Fair Mall, a Hospital, and a Municipal Airport.


Our History

Primo Carpentry is established in Danbury CT and our Workshop is located in Brookfield CT. Our storage facility which includes a gym’s main purpose is to gather the team for health and fitness improvement. Another purpose is to include training and educational classes for carpentry. We have all sets of moderns carpentry tools to bring to our client’s sites or for large jobs, we can craft it in our workshop.

The Danbury home improvement services that we incorporate are Interior and exterior for home and commercial buildings, bathroom remodeling. Our services are listed below:

  • Interior

    • Trimming
    • Bathroom/Kitchen
      • Adding
      • Renewing
      • Installation
      • Repair
      • Remodeling
    • Door and Window Casing
    • Window Sealing
    • Wainscoting
    • Coffered ceiling
    • Railing
    • Cabinetry installation
    • Door and window installation
    • Custom furniture
      • Bookshelves
      • Benches
      • Fireplaces
      • Cabinets
  • External

    • Railing
    • Decks
    • Trimming
    • Balcony
    • Addition
    • Trellis
    • Pergola

At Primo, home maintenance is very vital because keeping the house up to date creates less trouble in the future. For example, it prevents from unexpected breakage and keeps your house looking new. We also repair worn out cabinets, vanities, trim and numerous custom fixes. Along with repairs we also adjust doors and windows.


Our company has been notified that we are very caring and listen attentively to our client’s projects. Firstly, we set an interview at the chosen address to understand and map a vision of ideas and solutions free of charge. Then after consideration, Primo Carpentry will prepare a proposal. The materials can be included, but normally we provide a list of the items that we managed. Lastly, we will be proud to answer your questions and work with you.

You can also browse our portfolio and check the services our experienced team can provide.