Home renovation ideas to keep your home looking great 

A home is an investment. As long as you live in it, you will have to spend time and money for maintenance. This should be factored in when building a home or buying one. Some people prefer to rent instead of buying to avoid having to spend time and energy on maintenance especially when they know they may not stick around for long. While the architectural elements of the house cannot be changed without incurring a huge expense, the interior designing, and the exterior can be changed once a person thinks they have outgrown it.

We get bored seeing the same old furniture or upholstery day in and day out. However, upholstery is changed much more easily than a sofa set or a kitchen countertop. A home also has a garden or a backyard which is part of the whole scheme. It would be smart to take a look outside to align it with the interior. We don’t want a shabby garden when inviting guests who will see the dismay and then walk in through the main door only to marvel at the well-designed interiors. When renovating the home, include your garden and the walkway that leads to the outdoor space you use for family get-togethers.

 Prepare your home for the winters

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There are a few maintenance tasks to help your home during the winter time, frequently seen here in Wilton, CT. Before fall ends its time to clean out the garbage dispose of the bacteria it must have accumulated throughout the summer. It’s smart to pour garbage disposal cleaner to disinfect the drain. If you see any stains in the sink you could remove by using lime, bleach or rust cleaner.

Another Preparation is the driveway for the winter rain. If any crack has surfaced, fill them with appropriate material.

What about the outdoor furniture? Are they ready for the winters? If you think they need some fresh paint, buy paint and paint them yourself on a weekend or consider replacing them with a new set.

Check the upholstery.  Some vacuuming or dry cleaning if the fabric permits should do the trick. If you got the house remodeled, you may opt for new curtains to go with the rest of the theme.

The bathroom is moist and humid. During the summer months, mildew, mold and scum grow more quickly. Clean the tub, sink and tiles with a strong cleaner. If you observe any cracks, seal them shut with grout.

Do you have a porch, patio or deck?

Summer must have left dust behind. Sweep them away EXTERIOR TRIM door casingcheck for any holes, cracks, and chipped paint. If you need to paint them, use sand paper to remove the cracked paint and repaint the surface.

Lastly, check the floor of your house if its engineered wood-en. A polish may do the trick or you can simply replace the old carpet for a new look.


Avoiding unwanted costs

Even in places where winters aren´t rigorous, home maintenance is highly recommended, of course less often than a house in a vigorous winter. However, your house will be looking great for many years and the most important part is the regularly maintenance which will avoid future unwanted costs with carpentry works.