Westport Kitchen Remodeling

Do you get tired of your kitchen? Is your kitchen tiny and old?

Small changes like a painting job or refacing cabinets are exactly what you need. If the issue is space then integration can be the solution like this Westport Home Remodeling.

A family in Westport Connecticut called us for help with their small kitchen. They recently bought a house a few months ago and definitely needed more space. The family demanded more space for their daily meals.

In order to avoid too much construction and time, we used the concept of integration. The idea was for an open space integrating kitchen within the living room. Thus creating a wide and open area, instead of a “claustrophobic” kitchen. The couple had an old fashion and an unusual fireplace in the living room, but after it created space for a fancy and beautiful new one.

After discarding two walls and most of the cabinetry (few of them were reused in an island), the new room is the perfect spot for the family to finally gather for breakfast and lunch.

Watch in time-lapse a sample of the demolition job.

Job finished

After all demolition, ceiling structure had been reinforced (to prevent the lack of the absent walls). We install new cabinetry, new tiles, flooring service, new window, casing window and new fireplace.

All spaces connect each other, looking from the main door.

new westport kitchen remodeling

Here are the new cabinetry, tiles, window, window casing, and sealing. Most of the appliances were recently renewed so they just needed a new microwave oven.

kitchen remodeling westport

The unusual old fireplace evolved into a clean and beautiful new one.

kitchen remodeling westport fireplace

In conclusion, we can say that all effort is valid for building your ideal place. Besides, the house increased in value after the renovation.

I hope this is inspiring. Call us here at Primo Carpentry for an appointment to help create your dream home.